How healthcare professionals can benefit from online learning

Since the development of the internet, the education industry has benefited massively from the resources it provides for both students and teachers alike. From upgraded technology in the classrooms which leads to more in-depth lessons, to online programs canvas making assignments and grading easier for students as well as teachers, there’s no doubt that the internet has provided for many advancements in all fields of education. As healthcare professionals, our lives are incredibly busy, from rostered night and weekend shifts, to maintaining a healthy work / life balance to getting through numerous examinations and qualifications. Traditionally, we would take study leave and embark on in-person courses, often with great expense and time away from work. Online classes are becoming more advanced, and more suitable for our learning needs.

What are Online Classes?

Perhaps one of the most innovative developments in education is the creation of online classes, which have become a very popular alternative to traditional education settings in the past decade. For those who are unfamiliar with this new avenue of education, online classes (or, e-learning) are course held entirely on the computer, using internet browsers to access links to assignments, lectures, notes, and even exams. All of this information is uploaded by a teacher to an online course platform where students can enroll and take part in the course as they would if they were sitting in a classroom or lecture hall.

Online classes can be sponsored by universities, or they can be held on standalone websites where they can be purchased or used free of charge. While e-learning is particularly popular among computer science majors, many schools and platforms offer online courses in a variety of subjects. In fact, many schools offer entire degrees made up of online course, meaning that students can attend college without ever leaving their home. This provides for excellent learning opportunities for those who need a flexible schedule, particularly for those currently employed or raising a family.

Why Should I Consider E-learning?

While online learning is beneficial to some, many readers may be wondering what it has to offer them. It’s understandable how a doctor who has already graduated medical school and started a practice may want to know why they should attend more schooling, however the benefits offered by e-learning are not reserved only for those getting their very first taste of higher education. Whether you are still in medical school, newly qualified or you are a doctor looking to learn more about rare diseases and how to treat them, there are thousands on online resources that could help guide you on your journey to expand your knowledge. By attending online classes, any healthcare professional can learn something new that may help them perform better on the job. Most importantly, online classes are cost effective, time saving and are driven by the user, not the teacher.

Some may understand how continuing their education will benefit them on the job, but they do not feel that it’s possible to attend classes while working long hours. Whether you work a standard 9-to-5 shift, or the overnight shift in the Emergency Room, if you have even one hour a week to spare, you can participate in e-learning. Most platforms and universities do not demand that you take a minimum number of courses or credit hours, meaning you could take a one or two credit hour course, and only have to dedicate a few hours a week to doing the course. This can be done anywhere and anytime, the choice is entirely up to you, making online classes viable for even the craziest of schedules.

If you’re looking to advance your career in health care, or you want to learn some new skills to help you improve in your current position, it may be worth your time to check out your options for online learning. There are nearly limitless learning options found through both free and paid platforms, and thousands of these courses can be taken. Whatever your reason is for pursuing online learning, it’s sure to give you lasting benefits which can help you pursue your dreams and better your career.


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