Welcome to the Scrubbing Up blog

Welcome to the ScrubbingUp blog – a new blog with commentary on the latest insight from the world of medical education and guidance on how to successfully complete your way through a career studying medicine.

Studying medicine is a daunting task, from the very moment we begin applying for college and university places, through the long hours of studying throughout medical school and the arduous task of balacing life, a hectic work schedule, post graduate exams and continuing professional development. The blog aims to dissect out some important issues and help us get through this together.

Medicine is ultimately an inspirational career, handed down from generations of pioneers who have paved the way for modern medical treatment today as well as popular characters in popular culture who have helped motivate us along. We will aim to look into both the past and the media for medical heroes that have helped form our collective psyche as clinicians. Hopefully, with the inspiration of these characters, we can continue to be motivated and passionate about learning more.

The blog will also aim to keep users up to date with latest site developments, additional features or changes in policy.

We hope you enjoy your stay with us and please feel free to comment, interact or ask as many questions as you like on this blog.

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